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Unique Experiences Make Newport, Rhode Island a Bachelorette Party Hot Spot

With an abundance of restaurants, boutiques, hotels, bars, and unique activities, Newport, Rhode Island is a perfect bachelorette getaway.

Newport has a fantastic mix of everything that makes up a bachelorette party weekend to remember, all within the Downtown Newport area. It is easy to fill your weekend with activities, food, and drinks that are sure to please your group.

Just a few hours drive from New England and New York locations, Newport, Rhode Island is a convenient bachelorette party location for those that are looking to avoid flying. With everything centrally located, it is easy to Uber or walk only one time and be in close proximity to numerous beaches, activities, restaurants, bars, and nightlife offerings.

Aside from being home to some of the best beaches in New England, Newport is also home to some unique experiences, which makes it easy to create a memorable trip. Read on to make planning the ultimate bachelorette party to Newport, Rhode Island a breeze.

Bachelorette Party Planning with BACH app

Before we dive in to our recommendations for all things Newport, definitely take a look at the "Bach" app. This app allows itineraries to be shared easily with guests, and helps guests keep track of who has paid for what. This can sometimes become a huge headache with a large group traveling, and this app allows for custom splits or splitting equally among the group. Add photos, your Venmo username, and the whole weekend runs A LOT more smoothly. This is simply an app that I LOVE, no affiliate link here!

The Best of Newport Bachelorette Parties

Now that we have somewhere to keep track of the festivities, let's plan it!


Unique Experiences

Newport is home to Newport Picnic Co., a luxury picnic company. This perfectly Instagram-able event is like no other, and Newport Picnic Co. knows how to host a picnic. From the boho fringe umbrella, custom wood tables, pillows, themed table decor, and dinnerware included, all you have to do is show up and enjoy! Newport Picnic Co. sets up a Brenton Point State Park in Newport, or if you're staying at an Airbnb, can set up right in the backyard.

A fun and interactive experience, learn the latest charcuterie board techniques and styling from Jackie, the owner of Bellevue Boards! Sample gourmet cheeses and meats, and learn the skills to create gourmet boards of your own in the future. This would make a great dinner option, and you can also BYOB!

Rail Explorers offers riders a unique experience as you tour some of the best views of Rhode Island. Easily pedal these vehicles along the Narragansett Bay and pack a lunch to enjoy during the turnaround time. Vehicles can be linked together to accommodate larger groups. They also offer a brunch tour that includes mimosas, bloody marys, coffee, and breakfast items!



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